High-level of meetings throughout a year

  1. Planning sessions
  2. Topic collection / whats next planning
  3. Normal meetings

Normal meetings

The flow of each meeting is fairly straight-forward:

  1. First 15 minutes split
    • Event introduction
    • Wifi and location call-outs, thanks etc
  2. 5-15 minutes with a representative from Smart City Columbus, if any
    • Idea here is whatever public announcements they want to broadcast
    • Product / feature information, demonstrations etc
  3. 20-30 minutes for the teams
    • This is intended to be total but usually runs over ;)
    • The ideas for topics:
      1. Demonstrations
      2. Call for help
      3. Next steps
      4. etc…
  4. 60-90 minutes for team breakouts
    • Planning
    • Retrospective / review of work
    • Collaboration and hacking on stuff

Planning sessions

Planning sessions are where we refine a chosen topic / idea. The ideas here, in no particular order, are enumerated below.

  1. Take input from stake-holders
  2. Discuss what the attendees are thinking about #1 above ;)
  3. See where those conversations go - its hard to describe but when things start to gel and we are building out

Our expected outcome from this kind of session is formation of teams ( or at least validation we need the existing ) along with collection of cards. These cards will eventually turn into issues on one / more of our repos.

Topic collection / whats next planning

The topic collection phase is how we figure out what, as a community, we want to work on. The expected output is something similar to what we did for our initial kickoff. The second topic collection produced another set which will next be going through the planning session as a compare/contrast.